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This is translated purely for sharing, especially for fans who can't understand Japanese and Chinese, there's no ill intentions.
Really, heaps of thanks to all who have kindly shared the pics and translation.
And just in case of anything, please do refrain from reposting this, thank you. ^^

Translated from Japanese to Chinese and shared by: weichunli1 from http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2328175678 (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/speciallyforlsg.livejournal.com

Shall We Love

Author: Yoshimoto Banana       Protagonist: Lee Seung Gi

No matter how it's said, we artistes do move around a lot. In the overseas hotels, we are always stifled (by being) inside the room.
Sometimes, I'll gaze outside the window and see a huge river, ah? Am I in Seoul now? Momentarily, I'll also have this sort of illusion.
(When the hotel room was) lower than the level of my home, I wasn't able to see much scenery, there would also be some disappointment. Hotels for us, are like another home.
I might also possibly be misunderstood when I'm putting it this way. After being famous, was I already accustomed to good days.
The travel show that I've appeared in, a few guys squeezed into a room and slept together messily. As far as I'm concerned, I can also sleep in a place like this.
At that time, I was also wondering whether I was a person who couldn't adapt to sudden changes.
However, in the show of '2 Days and 1 Night', during a short span of time, I could also challenge those harsh days.
I've sat on extremely rocky fishing boats, scaled snowy mountains, jumped into a frozen pond and moreover, they were done under lack-of-sleep conditions..
Like this, I still had to go to the drama filming location on the second day, it was really difficult, if I say that I've never thought of quitting, that would be a lie.
But rolling around together with a few guys, laughing to my heart's content
together, I would have forgotten about my own matters.
I now believe that it's this period of time that salvaged me.
Also, what's more important as compared to other (stuff), they ah, saw me who gradually became well-known, there was no jealousy. Even if there was a tiny bit of jealousy in their hearts, they would also endure it.
They've already treated me like they were my elder brothers. For me who doesn't have an elder brother, the days where we travelled together were very important.

In South Korea, at the entrance of concert venues, many rice sacks could often be seen placed there, right?
That's from the donations of many people to my fan club and then later, the rice is delivered to the charities.
Of course, there weren't really rice inside, they just indicated the amount of rice donated.
There was so much rice to be allocated.
During shooting, when I passed by extremely impoverished areas, I would hope that the rice be delivered here, just like on the TV shows.
Standing in a position where I could do these, I'm very thankful.
Hearing these words, they seem high-sounding. But it's indeed how I feel.
In Seoul where the rich and poor are mingled together, looking up at the clear sky, definitely will feel like crying.
If I could make more people happy, that would be great. When I thought of these, I would be very excited.

Sometimes, I was also thinking, people who hate me,
there definitely are many right.
I who took away the drama roles of others in a thick-skinned (manner), people who always wanted to compete with me, people whom I've never met would also hate me.
Because of overwhelming love, fans whose love turned to hate, there would also be many right.
Generally, I don't consider about these. Because, it will be unfair to those staff who worked hard for me round-the-clock.
Therefore, I should think about these people, people whose energy will multiply when they see me, people who have been encouraged by me, people with dreams.

Nevertheless, there are times when I will also ponder, what if I died from an accident, will my relatives and friends pass this notebook to you?
Will you cry when you see this?
Thinking of these, my heart feels pleasantly sweet, just like a fool. It's been a long time since we last met by ourselves, so much so that I can't remember whether we've met by ourselves.
Those tense brows when troubled, sparkling eyes, slender hands, a smile which is able to drive away all troubles, very pretty calves (actually, this is my favourite part of yours). Anyone who meets you will open their hearts to you, this reminds me of the most vulnerable times of my youth, you were always like a goddess, carrying a dignified atmosphere.
But I gradually didn't understand.
Talking to you like this, what I'm thinking of isn't the real you, rather it's the ideal woman from the imagination of my mind. It has become a feeling like this.
Thus, this writing is written for the other person who will spend the rest of my life with me. I'm only thinking it this way.

I believe in those I wrote just now.
I'm merely moving forward walking on my path, there'll be a day, in an unexpected time, connecting with you.
Even if it doesn't become like this, I will also not regret such an intense longing for you.

People's lives ahead, nobody also knows, speaking from this perspective, life is brutal.
Nonetheless, I only wish to move forward.

~~~~~~To be continued~~~~~~

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